YouTube Consultant: Sell Done-For-You YouTube SEO Consulting Services to Small Businesses

With lots of business ideas to follow, how do you choose the best one for you?Well, let me help you with that.In this book, you're going to learn a simple and step by step idea that any beginner can implement.* You don't need a huge capital* You don't need technical knowledge* You don't need marketing or business experienceHere's a preview of what you'll discover:- How to make money with YouTube SEO consulting even if you know nothing about SEO ranking- How to get started with as little capital as possible...ahm, $50 would do!- How to find high paying clients who knows the value of your service- How to offer your services to clients (the "NO-SELLING/IRRESISTIBLE OFFER" revealed!)- What keyword and businesses to target to have a "no-pain" "no-marketing" required consulting business- How to rank a video in less than 24 hours- How to do proper keyword research... keywords that makes the moolah!- How to do all of these part-time (1-2 hours per day)Look, you can either learn this by yourself, make lots of mistakes, lose money and maybe - eventually succeed.Or you can choose to learn from this book instead and shortcut your way to internet marketing success.The choice is totally up to you. But if you're smart, I bet you would choose the latter option.Scroll Up and Download Your Copy Today!

Author: Ben Sugarman

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