WordPress Web Hosting: How To Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center (Read2L

"Best WordPress Hosting Guide"Discover How to Easily Use cPanel and Your Hosting Control Center with Our Simple Step-By-Step Guide!Do you need a simple training guide? This guide is simple.Are you short on time? This book is fast paced and easy to read!Do you learn better with pictures? This book is FULL of pictures.Invest a few tax-deductible dollars in this easy-to-read eBook now! You need help with WordPress Web Hosting, and you need an easy step-by-step guide. This book will help you learn everything you need to know about WordPress Web hosting.We'll teach you how to easily use cPanel and your hosting control center to improve your website and your business.Once you know the secrets, you'll laugh at how easy this is. This eBook is filled with images showing you how to effectively use cPanel and your web hosting control center. You'll also discover how to use add-on features that will save you time and money.You'll discover:How to use cPanelWhat a Hosting Control Center (HCC) isThe difference between Shared, VPS, and Dedicated WordPress HostingHow to choose the best WordPress hosting provider for your businessHow to create and manage professional webmail accounts (email)How to manage WordPress filesHow to create FTP accountsHow to use 3rd party FTP clients to upload and download files (Filezilla)How to track your website visitors with cPanelHow to use cPanel to improve your websites securityWhat databases are used forHow to use sub-domainsHow to use add-on domainsWhat parked domains are used forHow to back up your websiteHow to easily navigate cPanelWhich promotional upgrades you should purchaseWhich promotional upgrades you should avoidYou'll Also Learn:How disk space is used and measuredHow bandwidth is usedWhat MySQL databases are, and why you need themWhat to look for in regards to web hosting supportHow to get free domain namesHow to use referral programs to get free web hostingWhat to look for in regards to web hosting policies and money back guaranteesWhich web hosts offer unlimited disk spaceWhich web hosts offer unlimited bandwidthWhich web hosts offer unlimited databasesHow to host unlimited WordPress websites on a single hosting account..plus a lot more!This book is designed for complete beginners! You will save countless hours and frustration by purchasing this book.Follow this fast paced step-by-step guide. When you finish reading this book, you'll know all the secrets about WordPress hosting. If you're new to Web Hosting and cPanel; then this is the only user guide you'll ever need.Scroll up and purchase this Book now! Email me along the way if you need help.-Kent Mauresmo & Matthew PittP.S. This Kindle eBook includes a link to download the PDF version for FREE.Page Count: 124 Pages (Word Doc/PDF Doc)Word Count: 28,564Image Count: Over 100 images to help you along the way.

Author: Kent Mauresmo

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