WordPress Unboxed

Step-By-Step, Jargon-Free Guide: How To Build Your First Ever Web Site With Wordpress You've heard about Wordpress.org, you know that it's used by millions of happy users but you haven't a clue where to start? No problem! This really simple guide will show you how to build your own Wordpress site in no time at all. Digital marketer Paul Teague not only has several Wordpress sites of his own, he's installed it well over 100 times, building blogs, websites and membership sites and really pushing the platform to its limits. He's taught hundreds of people how to install and use the Wordpress and he's now created this Kindle guide with the complete beginner in mind. He'll even show you how to install Wordpress, completely free of charge, if you're on a really tight budget. What's In This Guide? 1: How to install Wordpress, on free hosting or on paid hosting. I will show you how you can do everything completely free of charge if you need to do it that way. 2: How to choose a free or paid theme for Wordpress. You'll have a great looking site in no time 3: How to set up your new Wordpress site the right way 4 How to create posts and pages, and the difference between the two 5: How to use tags and categories, and the differences between the two 6: How to find and install plugins 7: A selection of the best Wordpress plugins to use 8: How to set up the SEO basics on your new blog to make sure that you can be found in the search engines 9: Essential tips to keep your Wordpress site safe from hackers 10: How to add images and videos to your blog posts Free Bonus For Every Reader As a reader of this Kindle Guide you will get immediate access to the PDF version of the book, so that you can print it, scribble on it and keep it handy by your desk. This link will always give you access to the latest updated version of the guide. It will also give you a colour reference guide. There is also a 1-hour introductory video to accompany this book, you will find the link towards the end of the book. This guide is made up of over 160 pages of great information, detailed instructions and experienced user tips, yet it assumes absolutely no technical knowledge. Take your first steps into the wonderful world of Wordpress today and start using the online platform that's adored by millions of users throughout the world.

Author: P Teague

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