WordPress Maintenance Guide: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up & Protected!

Do you own a WordPress site or blog? Are you thinking of starting a WordPress blog for business or personal use? If so, then here's something about WordPress that you absolutely need to know ... Every WordPress site and blog needs regular maintenance to remain protected against hackers and malicious scripts, and to prevent errors on your site that can cause loss of valuable data. WordPress site maintenance is not something that can be ignored. WordPress software and plugins are constantly being updated and if you do not keep up with these changes, you are leaving your site vulnerable to malicious exploits and attacks. Also, if you don't have an effective system in place for performing regular WordPress site maintenance, you can waste a lot of time searching for answers when things go wrong (if you have ever experienced the dreaded "White Screen Of Death" or "Fatal Error" messages after updating the WordPress application or a plugin, then you probably know how frustrating and time-wasting searching for a way to fix these can be!) Sadly, however, no single automated solution or plugin exists that can perform all of the WordPress maintenance steps required to keep your WordPress site fully updated, regularly backed up and completely protected. To do this effectively requires performing a number of separate maintenance tasks. 'WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected!' will teach you a complete system for performing regular WordPress site maintenance, as well as effective methods for keeping your site or blog fully optimized and secure. This comprehensive guide contains 17 easy-to-follow training modules and over 280 pages of practical information made simple for non-technical users. Each training module includes step-by-step tutorials with detailed screenshots, plus over 40 accompanying videos and downloadable checklists. 'WordPress Maintenance Guide' training modules include: Module 1: The WordPress Site Maintenance Process Module 2: Getting Organized Module 3: Offsite Data Backup System Module 4: Data Transfer Methods ? FTP, cPanel And WP Automatic Updates Module 5: Deleting Unwanted And Unnecessary Data Module 6: Backing Up Your WordPress Database Module 7: Backing Up Your WordPress Files Module 8: Upgrading Your WordPress Software Module 9: Upgrading Your WordPress Plugins Module 10: WordPress Theme Management Module 11: Restoring Your WordPress Data Module 12: Reinstalling Your WordPress Site Module 13: WordPress Maintenance Automation Module 14: Troubleshooting WordPress Errors Module 15: WordPress Maintenance: Putting It All Together Module 16: WordPress Optimization Module 17: WordPress Security WordPress Resources 'WordPress Maintenance: The Complete Guide To Keeping Your WordPress Site Fully Updated, Backed Up And Protected!' covers everything you need to know about WordPress site and blog maintenance and will help keep your valuable information and data secure, protected and fully recoverable should anything happen to your site.

Author: Martin Aranovitch

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