WordPress For Those  Who Have Better Things To Do

Do you have a Wordpress-powered blog but you find yourself intimidated by all the different features, links, and buttons in your Dashboard?Do you write a post but don't know how to format it to produce the best SEO results?Do you wish you could structure your pages and posts so they are more appealing to your audience?Most beginners face these questions and many others after installing their first Wordpress blog. Wordpress For Those Who Don't Have The Time is a time-saving, easy-to-understand guide to your basic Wordpress questions!What is inside Wordpress For Those Who Don't Have The TimeFifteen chapters which covers all of the following and more:The Dashboard – Think of it as the console for your blog Posts – You'll learn how to not only write one but also how to schedule posts, protect them with a password, write them with SEO in mind, and moreHow To Edit and Add Images & Videos To PostsTips on how to improve your blog's SEO optimizationHow to format your posts to make them easier for your visitors to read How to easily create links for linking outside of your blog as well as inside your blogWordpress For Those Who Don't Have The Time covers the basics of what you can do with Wordpress. This user's manual explains things using non-technical terms along with graphics so you can sit at the computer with your Wordpress blog open and follow along.Don't feel frustrated or intimidated anymore with your Wordpress blog! Wordpress For Those Who Don't Have The Time will show you the basics of your Wordpress blog so that you can use it with confidence!

Author: Wesley Green

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