WordPress For Beginners: Build, Optimize And Design A WordPress Website Or Blog From Scratch, In 3 Easy Steps! (Stoked About WordPress Series)

'WordPress For Beginners' is a newbie guide that lays out in complete detail the exact steps needed to build a full-fledged website (using wordpress.org). We will start building a website from scratch and then add layer upon layer of WordPress goodness! Take a look inside the book (Chapter 2) to get an idea about the kind of website we will be creating.Note: This book is part of the 'Stoked About WordPress' series. We won't just talk theory but also use 50+ screenshots and a demo website to point to live examples. And no need to worry about coding either! Even if you haven't so much as sniffed at a line of code nor have a pressing desire to do so now - this book is especially for you (although there are some cool, albeit optional, cut-and-paste code tricks). Building A WordPress Website (or Blog!) Is As Easy As 1-2-3... The book has been divided into three 'steps' to break down the website creation process into 'byte' sized chunks - Step 1 - The Essentials: -Pick the best domain names and web hosting using my checklist. -Buy web hosting at a super discount! -Avoid website building beginners mistakes that can compromise your WordPress site's security By the end of this step your website will go live on the world wide web. Woot! Step 2 - The Optimization: -Learn how to make essential back-end tweaks to lay a strong foundation for your WordPress website. -Add content, graphics, sidebar widgets, social media icons, plugins, customized navigation bar to your site. -Pick up some juicy SEO tips! -Use the SEO checklist and image SEO techniques for a perfectly on-page optimized WordPress website. By the end of Step 2, you would have turned a basic WordPress installation into a full-fledged website! Step3 - The Design: Let loose those creative juices and overhaul your website into a new level of design. WordPress web design isn't only for pros! We will work with an amazing free theme that will give you a tremendous level of control over your site's design. Down to the very last pixel. Well, almost! -Change your website's design in minutes with a few clicks. No coding needed! -Learn the 3-minute cool trick to make a custom background (for PC users) -Get fun fonts for your site -Tune up your site's typography -Make a custom header using a free tool ...& much more! By the end of this step your WordPress website will be totally set for prime time! "WordPress For Beginners" has a detailed Table of Contents; please scroll up and take a "Look Inside" the book!

Author: Reeta Krishna

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