WordPress: An Ultimate Guide To The Internet’s Best Publishing Platform: A Complete Beginners Guide To Building and Designing Your Own Website

Start Building The Website That You Always Wanted, Today!WordPress has remained as one of the most used website builder tool in the internet. Every day, hundreds of WordPress websites are made. However, only a few of these websites last for more than a year. Most websites fail because they make mistakes early in the creation process. Some use a hosting service that is way beyond their budget while others fail to consider the amount of work it takes to maintain a website. In this book, we discuss how you can build and maintain a WordPress website. WordPress is the ideal website building tool for beginners because it does not require you to learn web design language to get started. Any beginner can start installing WordPress in a shared server account and start his or her own website. In this book, we focus on the use of WordPress for business related websites. With this tool, any business owner can start a website for his business without the need to hire a professional. We will discuss how to select features relevant to your business and how to increase the flow of traffic so that more people get to see your website. Here is a preview of what this book will offer:All About WordPress WebsitesWordPress Website PreparationsInstalling WordPress to your Host ServerPreparing your Website for PublishingWordPress PluginsBest Practices for Keeping your WordPress Website SecureSelecting and Adding ContentImproving Website TrafficIntegrate Ecommerce Features to your WebsiteTracking your SuccessDon't wait any longer, get your copy today!

Author: Roger Phillips

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