Website Hosting cPanel Tutorial – Techie Master Class #1

Anyone that runs a website needs to know the basics of their web hosting account and Control Panel (cPanel). Without that knowledge, you can easily find yourself paying a site manager over and over again to do fairly basic tasks.In the first Techie Master Class, you’ll learn everything you need to know to manage your own hosting account. The main topics of this session are listed below:-Cpanel Usage Tutorial-FTP & Uploading Files-Email Accounts-MySQL Databases & phpMyAdmin-Setting up Cron Jobs-Subdomains & Addon Domains-Ways to Install WordPress-Website BackupsThis tutorial is actually based on HostGator cPanel, but these same concepts can really apply to other hosting companies. It is also ideal for self-hosted WordPress users, although only a small portion of the tutorial is dedicated to WP.This lesson is ideal for beginners that are looking to gain fundamental technical knowledge, but it is also great for intermediates that want to learn more or need a refresher coaching course to help them get back on track.

Author: Ryan Stevenson

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