Web Hosting Server Setup

Finally someone has written the "How to do it Yourself" we've all been waiting for... This is a no-nonsense, straight to the point, set it up yourself, use free Linux software, Web Hosting Server Setup Manual. A step by step guide showing the newbie how to install Ubuntu Server Software, setup Bind9 DNS server, setup Apache2, and top it all off with router setup, and how to set your nameservers with your Registrar. It's down to earth, laid-back, get you up and running, with your own web hosting server. This manual will show you how to setup your computer to do dual duty as hosting and DNS server. Keep your costs down to a minimum with free Linux software using only open source applications. This manual will guide you to a full functioning web server. It's written with easy to follow instructions. Everything is explained so most anyone can follow it. This manual is a great place to start whether you are wanting to get serious with commercial web-hosting or just want to learn about setting up a web hosting server.

Author: Bruce T Wynn

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