Saved! Backing Up With EaseUS Todo: Prepare for the worst – Bounce back from the inevitable

Saved! Backing Up With EaseUS Todo: Prepare for the worst – Bounce back from the inevitable

Never lose data again! Make hardware failures nothing more than an inconvenience Recover quickly from even the worst malware Get back that file you accidentally deleted All this and more so you can start backing up NOW! Saved! Backing Up with EaseUS Todo will show you – step by step – how to backup your Windows computer using the popular and FREE backup software: EaseUS Todo. You’ll feel confident, and safe. Ready for anything Saved! Backing Up with EaseUS Todo isn’t a boring reference manual full of obscure details you’ll never use. Instead, it’s all about "How To" How to download and install EaseUS Todo How to create an image backup How to create an emergency disk How to restore an image backup How to schedule backups How to keep from running out of space How to test your backups and more. Everything you need to protect your computer and your data. Safety Starts with a Backup and that’s the first thing we’ll do – take a backup of your machine right now so that you know, no matter what, you can recover to the state your machine is in today. Then we’ll make that backup happen automatically without your needing to do a thing. We’ll cover exactly how you’ll use your backup – from recovering a single file or two, to restoring your entire machine to a backup image – you’ll be prepared. We’ll test your backup too – making as sure as we can that it’ll be there when you need it most. Hard Drives Die ... and you’ll be ready when (not if) yours does. Too many people have discovered that hard disks aren’t quite as reliable as perhaps they thought. When their hard drive dies they find out – the hard way – just what that means when they lose their precious data forever. That won’t be you. You’ll be prepared. You’ll have used Saved! Backing Up with EaseUS Todo to prepare yourself from just about any disaster. All Digital Formats Included All purchases include access to the book in any of three digital formats: PDF – for your computer or any device that can read PDF mobi – which you can easily transfer to your Kindle, or Kindle reading software ePub – for a variety of other digital and ebook readers Once you get your copy simply use the link in the "Register your book" chapter to get access to all formats. Malware Recovery the Easy Way Backups are great for more than just hardware problems. Why spend hours scouring the internet for instructions on how to remove that virus that somehow made it past your anti-malware tools? And then, hoping that: the instructions work the process doesn’t do even more damage the results don't leave your machine just as infected as before You’ll remove malware the easy way instead: restore your machine to the state it was in before it was infected and you’re done! The malware is gone. Backing Up - The Closest Thing to a Silver Bullet Having a proper and recent backup can save you from just about anything. In fact, there’s very little that a good backup can’t rescue you from. Malware infection? Restore from a backup and it’s gone. Bad software update? Restore from a backup and it’s removed. Need that file you deleted last week? Restore it from a backup. I could go on singing the praises of backups - but hopefully by now you get the idea. You should backup. So why aren’t you? Saved! Backing Up With EaseUS Todo will help you get started. Get your copy now!

Author: Leo Notenboom

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