The Beginners Guide To Website Hosting And Domain Names

The Beginners Guide To Website Hosting And Domain Names

For many small business or personal website owners choosing a domain name and website hosting provider can be a very daunting and confusing process due to the large number of hosting providers to choose from.What domain name you should choose, is it a .com? should you use your company name? how do you register the name and who with? are all questions that need answering.If you are struggling getting to grips with domain names and/or web hosting then this guide might just be your answer. If you still have a question after reading it then please use the email link in the book to email me and I will be happy to provide an answer.Here is what is covered:ContentsIntroduction 2Website Hosting Overview 3What is Web Hosting? 3Hosting Basics 4Hosting Solutions Overview 4Dedicated server 4Virtual Server 4Shared Server 5Website Hosting FAQ 51 . Linux or Windows- What is the Difference? 52. What Web Hosting is compatible with WordPress ? 53. What Web Hosting is best for a Business Website? 54. How to Choose the Best Web Hosting Service? 65. How much does it Cost? 66. What are most important features to look for in a web hosting service? 67. What is the best web hosting for an Online Storefront? 68. Can I, and How do I Transfer Web Hosting Sites? 79. Is the Location of my Hosting Provider Important? 710. What about Domain Names? 711. My Web Designer Hosts the Website is that OK? 712. Why can't I host the Website on my own PC 713. What is Fantastico ? 714. What is Multiple Website Hosting? 715. What about Free Hosting? 816. What is Cpanel? 817. What are the ideal specifications of a web server? 818. What are Add on Domains? 819. Do I need my own SSL certificate? 820. What Web Hosting Provider do you Use? 8Domain Names 8What Are They? 8Structure 9Choosing a Domain Name 10Domain Names with Dashes and Underscores 13Short or Long Domain Names? Does Size Matter? 13Valid Domain Names 13Is One Domain Name Enough? 13Domain Name Costs 14Checking if the Domain Name/Website address is Available 14Registering Your Own Domain Name 14References: 15

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