Web Applications on Azure: Developing for Global Scale

This book will help you build .NET apps on Microsoft Azure services that can grow to Internet scale. You'll learn how to make smart application architecture decisions and follow best practices so your website can handle tens of thousands of concurrent users and deliver your content globally. The book presents an overview of web application building blocks and covers relational and NoSQL data storage options. You’ll also discover how to make best use of Redis Cache, Web Jobs, Messaging Queues, and more, alongside other tips, tricks, and troubleshooting advice for when things go wrong. What You'll LearnDevelop scalable architecture patterns on Azure with ASP.NET MVCUnderstand the pros and cons of using SQL Azure vs. NoSQL solutions (Azure Tables, DocumentDB)Perform data migration, backup, and recovery in SQL AzureUse effective cachingTroubleshoot your web applications

Author: Rob Reagan

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