Versatile Cybersecurity (Advances in Information Security)

Cyber security research is one of the important areas in the computer science domain which also plays a major role in the life of almost every individual, enterprise, society and country, which this book illustrates. A large number of advanced security books focus on either cryptography or system security which covers both information and network security. However, there is hardly any books available for advanced-level students and research scholars in security research to systematically study how the major attacks are studied, modeled, planned and combated by the community. This book aims to fill this gap. This book provides focused content related to specific attacks or attack families. These dedicated discussions in the form of individual chapters covers the application or area specific aspects, while discussing  the placement of defense solutions to combat the attacks. It includes eight high quality chapters from established security research groups worldwide,  which address important attacks from theoretical (modeling) as well as practical aspects. Each chapter brings  together comprehensive and structured information on an attack or an attack family. The authors present crisp detailing on the state of the art with quality illustration of defense mechanisms and open research problems. This book also covers various important attacks families such as insider threats, semantics social engineering attacks, distributed denial of service attacks, botnet based attacks, cyber physical malware based attacks, cross-vm attacks, and IoT covert channel attacks. This book will serve the interests of  cyber security enthusiasts, undergraduates, post-graduates, researchers and professionals working in this field. 

Author: Mauro Conti

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