The Windows Azure Handbook, Volume 1: Planning & Strategy: Windows Azure for Business and Technical Decision Makers

The Windows Azure Handbook is the essential guide to cloud computing on the Windows Azure platform from Microsoft. Its four volumes cover the platform comprehensively from both business and technical perspectives across the full lifecycle of planning, architecture, development, and management. Volume 1 focuses on Planning & Strategy and is intended primarily for business and technical decision makers. With the information in this book you'll be equipped to responsibly evaluate Windows Azure, make a business case for it, determine technical suitability for your applications, plan for adoption, and formulate a cloud computing strategy. Part 1: Understanding Windows Azure covers cloud computing, an overview of the Windows Azure platform, and the pricing model. Part 2: Planning for Windows Azure covers evaluation, envisioning risk & reward, identifying opportunities, profiling applications, estimating migration, calculating ROI, and adoption strategies.

Author: David Pallmann

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