The Website Investor: The Guide to Buying an Online Website Business for Passive Income

Ever Wanted to Own Your Own Business?The Website Investor exposes the financial potential of website ownership to everyone who ever wanted to own their own business and work from home. Whether you want to earn $500 per month or $5 million, there is already a website for sale doing just that.Savvy businesspeople know never to start from scratch. The Website Investor reveals how to find websites with existing profits and existing customers so you can take advantage of someone else’s hard work.You’ll learn how to:• Locate website opportunities that are right for you• Uncover hidden gems by assessing untapped potential• Estimate a website’s value• Avoid risk and scams• Get the price you want• Take over from the seller with minimum fuss• Outsource work you don’t want to do or don’t know how to do• Make passive income from “no effort” and “low effort” websites"......endorsement....."Joel Comm - New York Times bestselling author of KaChing: Running an Online Business That Pays and PaysJeff Hunt owns more than three hundred income-producing websites and will help you get in the game at – Heck Yeah You Can Do It!

Author: Jeff Hunt

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