The Wannacry Virus  Analyzed

This is a simple book about the basics of the Wannacry Computer Virus/Worm. This ransomware has been publicly named “WannaCry and it had spread to at least 74 countries. It targeted Russia initially, and then spread to telecommunications, shipping, car manufacturers, universities and even to health care industries. The malware encrypts user files, demanding a fee of either $300 or $600 worth of bitcoins to an address specified in the instructions displayed after infection. The WannaCry ransomware worm has multiple components. An initial dropper contains the encrypter as an embedded resource; the encrypter component contains a decryption application, a password-protected zip containing a copy of Tor, and many other individual files with configuration information and encryption keys. It is not conclusively known as of this book what vector was used for the initial infection.

Author: Dr. James R.

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