The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist: The Art and Science of a Perfect SEO Audit

The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist: The Art and Science of a Perfect SEO Audit You've mastered the basics of SEO. You’ve even mastered advanced level black-belt SEO. What’s left to learn? Career progression to senior roles within the SEO industry will require the smart use of time, management and delegation of work. This book is perfect for any Junior SEO, Executive SEO, SEO Manager or Head of SEO as well as any digital marketer looking to become an expert in achieving success for their Organic channel. The Ultimate Technical SEO Checklist provides a systematic process driven methodology combined with SEO principles ranging from basic to advanced. Having a clearly defined and comprehensive SEO Audit process will clarify deliverables and allow your SEO team to work efficiently and effectively. It ensures clarity and will help set known expectations with stakeholders at all levels from the client or agency side with people in your team as well as external parties. The Ultimate SEO Checklist is a definitive book which covers every element required in delivering an SEO audit that will provide real results for the client. Topics within the book include: Comprehensive SEO pre-planning techniques to maximise profitability Exhaustive list of prioritised Ranking Factors which simplifies and defines key SEO principles. Competitive analysis techniques. A to Z of Technical SEO from On-page HTML markup to Internal Linking. Off page technical factors such as anchor text to disavows. A sample Client Questionnaire which helps set expectations, saves time, avoid misunderstandings and missed project details. Beat the Competition and Learn Smart SEO Strategies that the Professionals Use SEO traffic (aka Organic Traffic) is the most valuable traffic your website can get to generate leads and sales for your business. It’s cost-effective and it drives very targeted and relevant to your site. DIY SEO 2016 goes into the intimate details of the processes that SEO professionals use on a daily basis so that you too can get that coveted first place ranking. Read the SEO strategies to stay far ahead of Google Updates and any penalty How to do “proper” deep keyword research to stomp the competition Study the link building power plays that can build your link authority How to defeat your local competitors at Local SEO Read the Secret Tricks in the On-Page Optimisation Guide Suggestions for Quick Wins at each stage of the SEO cycle Find out the real tools that SEO professionals use in their trade Follow the Real Processes which SEO Agencies use every day! Read about all the SEO secrets and learn how to Do-It-Yourself in this 134 page book today! About the Author Marco Palmero is a Google certified professional who has achieved thousands of number one rankings for small and large multinational companies. Marco has worked on optimising international and domestic websites across different industries from ecommerce, content and finance to rank highly on search engines for over 10 years.

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