The Smart Startup: How To Crush It Without Falling Into The Venture Capital Trap

More people are starting tech companies today than ever before. Tech Incubators are popping up all across the country, and shared office space is available everywhere. When people think about building a startup, they immediately jump on the seemingly tried and true path...find a co-founder, get into an incubator, start pitching venture capitalists on your business plan, then crush it! But there's another way...a better way...a smarter way....the Smart Startup way. In the Smart Startup, veteran serial entrepreneur John Elder describes his tried and true method for building startups without the need of a co-founder, an incubator, or venture capital money. John first started building Smart Startups in the mid 90's when he created one of the Internets earliest advertising exchanges and sold it to a publicly traded company at the height of the first dot-com boom. After that he built a b2b biotech company and sold it to a group of investment bankers before developing one of the earliest desktop SEO software titles used by over three million people. "If you've ever dreamed of starting your own online business, this is the book for you."

Author: John Elder

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