The Self Publishers Guide to Book Marketing: Step By Step Guide For Fiction and Non-Fiction Authors

When first starting out self-publishing, it can be very confusing and expensive to promote your book.Featuring step by step instructions, templates and examples so that you can quickly and easily promote your book and maximize your sales, this book can be used by new and experienced authors alike.All promotion methods covered are either free or very affordable."The Self Publishers Guide to Book Marketing"Getting Started1.1 Why Are You Publishing?1.2 Who Will Read Your Book?1.3 How Will You Sell Your Book?1.4 Essential Author Details1.5 Creating a Book Cover1.6 Writing a Book Description1.7 Choosing Your Genre1.8 Choosing Your KeywordsChecklist - Getting StartedPre-Release Promotion2.1 Writing Book Promo Text2.2 Creating a Landing Page2.3 Writing a Basic Press Release2.4 Distributing a Press Release2.5 Creating Social Media BuzzChecklist - Pre-Release PromoPublishing Tips3.1 Kindle and KDP Select3.2 Publishing Tips3.3 Author Central3.4 Pricing Tips3.5 Pros of eBook with PaperbackPromote Your Published Book4.1 Goodreads4.2 Shelfari4.3 Book Giveaways4.4 Updating the Landing Page4.5 New Press Release4.6 Contacting Book Reviewers4.7 Approaching Book Bloggers4.8 Creating a Book PDF Promo4.9 Creating a Banner4.10 Creating a Video Trailer4.11 Donating BooksChecklist - Published Book PromoRevisions5.1 Handling Reviews5.2 Revising Your Book

Author: Jamie Cawley

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