The New Google SEO: What You Need to Know to be Successful in the New World of Google SEO

Forget What You Know About Google SEO! In April, 2011 Google implemented the Google Panda filter which fundamentally changed Google SEO. In the old world, google assessed the quality of the site - looking at tags, links, content and other site based metrics. In the new world, google assesses the user experience - looking at what your users actually do when they come to your site. This is a fundamental shift that, if you don't make immediate and meaningful changes to your site, can take you from a well-ranked site to not showing up at all for your search terms, overnight. Pick up this book and learn about the changes and how you can make a few simple changes to your site and your SEO approach to survive and thrive in the New Google Search. Updated: September 2012 to include the latest changes to Panda and explain Google Penguin.

Author: Kathleen McDivitt MBA

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Categories: SEO