The Future-Proof Marketing Playbook

The very first banner ad was run on October 27th, 1994. That means, as of this book’s publication, digital advertising is 22 years old. And like most 22 year olds, it’s time for it to get its act together. In this book, we don’t talk about short-term results, we talk about building a durable framework that can sustain whatever the future throws at it. We don’t want to win games, we want to win championships, and champions don’t: Blame losses on the refs (or on Google) Whine about changes to the rulebook (or to their competitive marketplace) Run the same play on every down (or with every ad buy) This book outlines the habits of the world’s best marketers—the strategists who are prepared for whatever the future holds—and teaches you how you can join their ranks. Now, let’s play ball.

Author: Tim Hickle

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Categories: SEO