The Easiest Way to Start a Blog in Less Than an Hour: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginner Bloggers

So many people have asked me things likeHow do I start a blog?What’s the best platform to use?How do I choose hosting and make the site live?How much does it cost to have my own website in just a few minutes?What does it take to make money from your blog?Do I need any special knowing before setting it up?What should I know before publishing my first blog post?How do I build traffic?How do I make my blog look professional, like the ones I’m already following?And more.I’m sure you’ve asked yourself similar questions. Well, starting a blog is easy, what comes next though takes time and trial and error.But you’ll never regret hitting publish, it just takes a bit of courage to do it.That’s why I created this guide for you.It’s not only the knowledge you need to create your own blog and pick up a domain name for it, set up hosting and install WordPress in a few easy steps, begin using your dashboard and the help of some free tools and services, write and publish content the right way, set goals and build your personal brand around your website, have a newsletter that your readers can sign up for and start building your audience, promote your blog and also monetize your platform in different ways.All that is necessary for you to starting a blog in 2017, and skipping one step will mean you’ll be left behind.Once you go through this guide, you’ll have enough knowledge to be a real blogger and begin your quest to making money from this business venture, and turn it into your full-time career after some time.All that is possible with the fantastic platforms we have the chance to use these days.If you haven’t built a blog yet, 2017 is the time for you to do it.

Author: Lidiya K

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