The Cyber Skill Gap: How To Become A Highly Paid And  Sought After Information Security Specialist!

There is a desperate shortage of skilled professionals who are able to work in the field of Information security. This shortage amounts to 1.5 million worldwide and is likely to increase as new technologies emerge.Now, in this new e-book, IT and other related professionals can prepare themselves, not only to face the dangers, but to thrive in this challenging new environment. Within these pages you will discover all the information you will need in order to; •Understand the changes in the cyber arena•Familiarise yourself with the tools for success•Build an understanding of the organizations and credentials available to be part of this new community•Bridge the skills gapThere are many opportunities, most coming with high salaries, for professional people with the correct specialized skills. And as the threats in the cyber world increase there is also the need for constant updates and new thinking. An Infosec professional, working in this crucial field, cannot achieve success without the help of a professional organization capable to provide the knowledge, the networking community and the tools he will need to succeed.This book will deliver all of these and more. Get your copy today and get ready to face the threats of tomorrow!

Author: Vagner Nunes

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