The Cloud Service Evaluation Handbook: How to Choose the Right Service

Okay, so you understand what Cloud Computing is and why it’s important. Now you need to adapt the way your organization evaluates and procures IT services to the new realities of the cloud marketplace. This book presents the world’s first comprehensive set of metrics designed specifically for evaluating cloud services. It is designed to be an invaluable resource for professionals in both IT and Procurement and combines existing leading practices from the sourcing world with the new approaches required for cloud. In addition to the metrics themselves, a wealth of templates, scoring guidelines, leading practices and examples are provided so that this tool can be put to use immediately for real-world decision making. For any service evaluation, from the most strategic partnerships down to simple one-off projects, it’s time to start avoiding the potentially costly mistakes and false starts that have accompanied many of the early attempts to source the cloud. No one involved in selecting or procuring cloud services should be without it.

Author: Scott Feuless

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