The CEO and IT Department: Questions to ask, and the answers you need!

Why read “The CEO and the IT Department” - recipient of the President's Silver Award for Best Business Book from FAPA (Florida Authors and Publishers Association)? Do you know if your IT Department is running correctly and efficiently? Is your company protected from technology disasters? Is your company in danger of technology failure? Do you know the questions to ask in order to find out? This informative book is written to get you quickly up to speed about these concerns - even if you are familiar with many aspects of IT, it gives a comprehensive view to fill in any gaps. Included is a list of clearly defined questions and answers, in a step by step format, providing you a way to determine your company’s technological status. After reading this book you’ll be able to meet with your IT providers and quickly find out the condition of your: System Security (Can the wrong people get to your information?) Web Presence (How well maintained is your public face?) Data Backups (Imperative for disaster recovery.) Reporting Systems (What data is disseminated and is it accurate?) Applications (Are they up to date and exactly what you need?) System Maintenance (Will your computers continue to run efficiently?) Software Utilities (Can you increase productivity?) After reading this book, you will be able to quickly establish the status of your IT Department and be able to determine if it is running as reliably and professionally as you need it to be. By asking the right questions, and knowing what constitutes the correct answers, you can be confident that your company is protected and running up to its highest capability and potential.

Author: Donald J. Burchell

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