The Book on Service Business SEO: A practical guide for the clueless or the informed to get found online

I know the story. Your trucks are parked... Your equipment is not in use… Your guys are asking "hey boss is there work today?" You're broke... Your business is not doing well... And you keep telling yourself. there has to be a better way… How do some companies stay busy… It seems like some companies get non-stop work… How do these businesses stay busy from Winter to the Fall... Wouldn't it be great to have your business running full speed all year round? You have the equipment, you have the man power. Why are you stopped? Isn't it about time your business took off? Don't you want your business to boom? Why hasn't it happened yet? What's that secret recipe to stay busy all the time... My name is Yoan, and I had this very same question not too long ago... I uncovered the secrets that the big franchises use to get their business on top of the results page and I applied them to my business Power Cleanouts. I now teach entrepreneurs how to do the same thing for their business through my marketing company After reading this book you will have all the tools you need to exploit the power of Google for your business. You will be able to do this yourself or to hire a web designer that can do the job right from the start. This book is a step guide to building a website from scratch and applying all the latest SEO techniques to get your business found. If you use a content management system like WordPress or Joomla you can apply these principles to update your website to get the same great results. Stop paying for pay per click, YP marketing, Yodle, and all these other services that will leave you broke and start getting found for free. What you'll learn: Why a four page website no longer works. How to create entire pages on your website dedicated to one keyword. An incredibly easy way to get great quality backlinks. How to create more than just one Google My Business listing. How your page load speed affects your Google ranking. How to speed up your website. How to track your results and see how many visitors your website is getting. And so much more. Following these guidelines you will get incredible results. These results have allowed some business to stop advertising all together, thanks to all the free traffic as a result of these methods. This book is for anyone in service or anyone that wants to be. Whether you're a landscaper, contractor, dog walker or maid this book will not only tell you about the insider tricks to get found but it will show you step by step everything you need to do to get found. Don't waste another second using unproven tips from gurus or so called SEO experts. This book will put your business where it needs to be, on top of your competition on Google.

Author: Yoan Ante

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