Squarespace 6 For Dummies

Build your own blog, website, or portfolio withSquarespaceSquarespace lets you create visually rich web pages with anyconfiguration of text, images, or blocks you wish, just by draggingand dropping. Even if you've been using earlier versions ofSquarespace, the features in version 6 will amaze you - and bringyou straight to this must-have guide for practical information! Ifyou're a do-it-yourself website builder, get up to speed fast onall the next-generation Squarespace tools, including cool newfeatures for mobile sites, SEO, social networks, and more.Brings you up to speed on Squarespace 6 and its revolutionaryLayoutEngine tool for building visually-rich web pagesDeciphers the very latest features for page-building in today'smarkets, including mobile, social media, and using SEODelves into using auto-publish for social networks, usingbuilt-in mobile websites, syncing with social networks, gatheringreal-time statistics, managing your site from your smartphone ormobile device, and much moreCovers the essentials, such as using templates, drag-and-dropimage uploads, image-editing with Aviary, and using Page Builder tocreate, share, and reblog contentBuild awesome, professional websites for your business in notime with Squarespace 6 For Dummies.

Author: Kris Black

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