Social Media Marketing 2019: How to Build a Massive Personal Brand, Drive Traffic, and Gain Profits with Instagram Marketing, Facebook Advertising, YouTube, and SEO

Learn how to unlock the potential of social media and the must-see tactics to take your business to the next level!Let's face it: You don't know how to leverage social media to actually monetize your business. Maybe you have already listened to other books on this topic, but none of them has been able to show you a replicable process that brings in results on auto-pilot.Well, it is time to change that. Enough of "put the emphasis on content and money will follow": you need a monetization-driven approach and you know that...Inside this book, you will discover the hidden truths of social media marketing and how to actually use it to make more money in 2019. Each chapter goes into the deepest aspects of the subject and everything is explained in an easy way, so that anyone can act upon this amazing information!Social media dramatically altered marketing by allowing businesses to engage with their customers, rather than just talk to them. In this book, discover how to leverage social media in your overall marketing strategy, and learn best practices for leading social media campaigns that help you successfully connect with consumers.From Facebook ads to Instagram marketing, from email sequences to the real use of YouTube, everything will unfold in front of your eyes.Click "add to cart" to receive your book instantly and take your business to the next level!

Author: Jake Cooper

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