Slurls: They Called Their Website What?! the World’s Worst Internet URLs from to Penisland.Net

Would you book a holiday through Or visit for a bottle of Chardonnay? Would you download music from These are Slurls: outrageous URLs innocently chosen by real businesses. This global guide to website naming disasters takes in: * Analytical technology at * A college sports team at * A church at ...and many, many more! This fascinating and humorous collection includes more than a hundred websites along with relevant facts, observations and Internet trivia. Chapters cover America, Britain, and the rest of the English-speaking world, business and technology, websites that sound pornographic but aren't, hoaxes, and other website names that aren't quite true slurls. Irreverent, inventive, and risqué, Slurls is essential reading for fans of words or the web. "Slurls is a smart, fascinating and downright hilarious tour of the world's most inappropriately-named websites." - Kim Gilmour, technology journalist and author

Author: Andy Geldman

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