SLA Based Service Monitoring in Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides enormous and ubiquitous resources for various users in order to deliver hosted service over the internet. It remarkably reduces the product management costs. The very advantage of virtualization of resources, infrastructure, and applications for provisioning of cloud service, has become a challenge nowadays. With increasing demand of service provisioning, providing effective and continuous service in cloud is difficult. Dynamic Monitoring of offered services need to be done in regular basis to maintain Quality of Service (QoS). Service Level Agreement(SLA) plays a crucial role in dynamic provisioning and monitoring of services to both the consumer and provider. Objective of this book is to establish the importance of SLA based service monitoring in cloud computing. It proposes a SLA based service monitoring framework which includes SLA for both non-functional and functional requirements. Evaluation of the framework is carried out considering a specific SaaS application e-Learning as a case study. In order to provisioning of e-Learning services, SLA parameters and related values to measure those parameters need to be identified and agreed.

Author: Angira Ghosh Chowdhury

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