Setup a Point & Click Website Today: Install WordPress, Create Massive Content, Secure and Backup Your Blog WITHOUT Being a Computer Geek

It's possible to setup an entire website in just a few minutes, using free tools, without hiring a web designer or a programmer -- and now you have a beautiful looking site that does everything you want. How is this possible? Setup your web hosting today, install WordPress and use the plugins and tools shown this book to get the best possible website setup, and do it fast. Robert Plank has setup thousands of websites and coded several WordPress plugins and themes. He knows everything there is to know about setting up a profitable and good-looking website fast, so you'll be able to do it too. Inside "Setup a Point & Click Website Today" you'll discover... * How to get your website setup not in a month or in a week, but today in the next few minutes * How to create massive amounts of content that bring you search engine visitors * How to secure your website from hackers * How to automatically backup your site so you never lose anything on it "Setup a Point & Click Website Today" will tell you exactly what you need to know to install WordPress, get the right plugins setup, fill it with content, get search engine traffic, secure it, and back it up!

Author: Robert Plank

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