ServiceNow IT Operations Management

Key FeaturesWritten to the latest specification, it will cover basic to advanced concepts and architecture.Take a service-centric approach to operations management and consolidate all your resource data into a single system IT record.Beat the key challenge of managing multiple business operations (even running globally) over a complex IT infrastructure and see immediate results.Book DescriptionServiceNow ITOM enables infrastructure and processes to be managed in a highly automated manner. It contains various segments that ensure its applications and enterprise infrastructures are optimized for high performance and helps in creating a lean and agile organization through service‑level visibility and automation.This book will be a comprehensive guide that will be based on Geneva release and will help you discover how IT activities can be connected to your business needs, rather than just focusing on internal IT process. It will take a service-centric approach to operations management and consolidate all your resource data into a single system IT record. You will learn about discovery, orchestration, MID server and cloud management, helping you take full advantage of ServiceNow IT Operations Management to improve the quality of service & increasing the service availability.By the end of the book, you will be able to achieve improved service availability, immediate visibility of vital business services and much more, all from the convenience of your single screen.What you will learnStep by step guide in setting up each features with in ServiceNow ITOMInstall and configure the required application or pluginIntegrate with other provider services as deemed appropriateExplore Orchestration capabilities and how to analyze the dataLearn about the ServiceNow graphical interfaceIntegrate with other applications within ServiceNowAims to cover the fundamentals concepts to advanced conceptsBest practices and advanced featuresAbout the AuthorAjay Guggilla has 18 years of experience and is a senior level IT professional with diversified experience in IT Service Delivery, IT Infrastructure, Enterprise Systems, Improving Quality and Maturity, CRM Solutions, Adopting Service Management Solutions, SAP Support, Data Center Migrations, IT Service Management (ITSM)/ITIL and ServiceNow solutions.

Author: Ajay Guggilla

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