SEOBRANDED: What any Executive or Entrepreneur needs to know in order to master search engine optimization on Google, Bing and Yahoo!

Search engines are often the best way to attract new customers online, which you often encounter in your own daily life. If you and your business are aiming for success online you should highly consider what great impact search engine optimization could have on your business and your bottom-line. The reasons are many, but it is proven if you are on the first page of the search results and among the first 6 results on Google, you will get the most attention and clicks to your site from possible customers. If you land on page two on Google, Bing or Yahoo! the odds are in fact that most customers never find your site or business, even though your product and price might be more appealing for that customer. SEO is a tool and strategy that would heighten your company's visibility, competitive advantage and acquisition of new customers by a huge margin. We all on a daily basis search (Google) someone or something, and Googleling a customer before a meeting is common in our world today. If you happen not to be in control of your SEO efforts when someone is Googleling you, you might encounter losses and damaging the image of your company if or when the wrong results shows up. SEO is crucial and it is a strategy you should take serious and pay attention too. This book will teach you how to handle and effective gain a competitive advantage in the rapidly changing market. SEO is a strategy that most companies do not see, know about or pay attention too, and by reading this "Bible" you will learn how to strategize from a SEO standpoint and implement your strategy.

Author: Jesper Qvist

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