SEO Strategies & Tactics: Understanding Ranking Strategies for Search Engine Optimization (The SEO University) (Volume 2)

Learn SEO Skills with the SEO UniversityStep-by-Step instructional Development of Skills from a Leader in the Industry SEO University: Course #2 - Strategies & Tactics - Understanding Ranking Strategies for Search Engine Optimization The second installment of the SEO University brings forth a guide on strategies and tactics that you can use today to rank with search engine optimization. This course moves beyond the fundamentals involved in the field of SEO and stretches into the advanced tactics that are being used to propel sites up Google's SERPs today. Why the SEO University? Developed by a leading author in the field of Search Engine Optimization, SEO Strategies & Techniques is a Post-Panda, Post-Penguin, and Post-Hummingbird guide to ranking on Google's SERPs today. Don't be left in the digital dust in the wake of Google's new algorithm rules... The information contained herein is invaluable to your career as a Search Engine Marketer. Find out just what strategies and tactics are being employed by some of the most skilled SEMs in the field today. Scroll up and hit the Buy Now Button

Author: R.L. Adams

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Categories: SEO