SEO Strategies for Success: The Secrets of Writing and Posting SEO Content on Your Website (How to Create Better Ranking Websites Series)

Improve Your Website with SEO Content That RanksLearn how to write effective SEO content and place it into your website to achieve the best results. This easy to follow guide includes all the basics as well as advanced techniques to help you improve page, post, and overall website rank. Whether you want to begin a new career or hone your existing skills, this is the best place to begin. SEO Strategies for Success teaches the reader the key elements for writing search engine optimized content. These include but are not limited to:---Keyword Density---Keyword Placement---Long-tail Keywords---How to Choose Keywords---Optimizing Meta and Alt Tags---The importance of page layout and the elements that will help your site rank---Plugins---Tools---Writer's Resources---Organic Content---PPC---The value of unique, engaging content. About the AuthorCindy has been writing SEO content, ebooks, editing content, and developing websites for the past ten years and understands the importance of changes within the industry, and how search engine optimization has evolved during this time. She knows it is crucial to keep abreast of changing algorithms that can wreak havoc with websites that are not created with evergreen content that is optimized not only for the robots, but more importantly, for the reader.This book can help you take your content to a higher level for long-term site optimization.

Author: Cindy Bachelor

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