SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans: Learn the Essentials of  Search Engine Optimization  in Under an Hour

SEO Simplified for Short Attention Spans is your easy-to-understand guide to SEO that works. This is the book that needed to be written for online marketers who shudder at the thought of decoding SEO, chasing algorithms, and filtering through the industry's relentless BS. Blast through the book in an hour and you'll understand: - Why SEO is so important for your long-term success - How to optimize your content like and expert - Secrets to using keywords prospects use (but competitors don't) - The no-fail shortcut to page one visibility - How to get your blog posts presented on the first page of Google - Copywriting tips to drive traffic to your website "SEO Simplified" also features contributions from SEO experts Andy Crestodina, Brian Dean and Jayson DeMers. A final bonus includes your checklist of search engine optimization essentials.

Author: Barry Feldman

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