SEO : Search Engine Optimizations (A to Y)

Seeing the title, many people can raise questions, what does the meaning of A to Y mean? It should be A to Z. In fact, SEO's content is so huge that it is not possible for anyone to acquire complete knowledge, and the rules of SEO are constantly changing. So it's up to A to Y. There are many posts about SEO, often all of the entry level. So, I will try to give you an idea of the Advo level SEO from the entry level, even though the basic rules are the same. So it is very important to know fundamental rules for SEO. I have been with tectonics for a long time, so I know there are many SEO experts - so in my writing If there is a mistake, but if anyone tells me through the comments, I will be very happy. SEO is one thing that can be learned right through knowledge sharing. If there is a problem in understanding the meaning of a word, Google can either tell or tell me. Let's not talk a lot and let's go to the main context.

Author: Omar Faruq

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