SEO Help: 20 Semantic Search Steps that Will Help Your Business Grow

Search has changed. Search marketing now works differently. Semantic search is disrupting many of the practices associated with traditional search engine optimization techniques. David Amerland takes the complex subject of semantic search optimization and reduces it into twenty manageable steps anyone can apply. Using some of the most advanced semantic SEO techniques, in plain English, he shows you how you can: * Make quick SEO gains for your website * Take your search marketing to the next level * Use search in your branding efforts * Define the uniqueness of your business * Create trust and authenticity on the web * Make use of current promotional techniques * Integrate video and images in search marketing * Shape your digital identity * Form clear brand values * Future-proof your SEO Start using semantic search techniques from the very first moment. Designed for the busy webmaster, business leader and entrepreneur, each chapter can be read alone, or in sequence. A comprehensive list of 200 questions, presented at the end of each chapter in tranches of ten allows you to reshape the entire way you approach digital marketing and search, irrespective of the size of your business or the budget available. Immensely practical, easy to read with each chapter standing alone this is the down to Earth aid to semantic search that you have been looking for.

Author: David Amerland

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