SEO Fundamentals: An Introductory Course to the World of Search Engine Optimization (The SEO University) (Volume 1)

Learn SEO Skills with the SEO UniversityStep-by-Step instructional Development of Skills from a Leader in the Industry Welcome to the SEO University, an online series of courses that have been prepared to help you hone your skills as a search engine mastermind. SEO Fundamentals, the first course in the SEO University, brings together a culmination of information across the field that will help you to lay the foundational framework for a successful career as a Search Engine Marketer (SEM). If you're brand new to the field of search engine optimization, then the information contained in this book will help to lay the groundwork for an greater understanding of just what it takes to rank a site today. This information is more important now than ever... Over the past few years, Google has been leading the charge towards an increasingly relevant Web. It's fought to take back the Web from a state of irrelevancy - a product of spammers who thought they could outwit the search giant. Because of this, Google has instituted some major changes to its algorithms that have included: Google Panda Google Penguin Exact Match Domains (EMDs) Google Hummingbird Google's aim has been to provide increasingly accurate search results that are semantically guaranteed to help you find what you're looking for and fast. Without an understanding of the fundamentals and what it takes to rank today, you could be left scratching your head, spinning your wheels, and wasting your time. Don't get caught up in this never-ending loop of misinformation and disinformation. Scroll up to Buy it Now

Author: R.L. Adams

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