SEO from a GoogleBots Perspective: SEO that Search Engines were designed for!

This easy to follow book is based on the highly valued information contained in a PhD thesis on the Google Search Network. It takes the reader on a journey from when the first GoogleBot visits a web page and then follows the information trail as it is passed through the various other GoogleBots and Analytical Servers which are tasked with ranking each element that make up the ranking algorithm.At each step along the way throughout the entire Google Search Network, a treasure trove of advanced SEO techniques are explained like never before, such as a program used by search engines for ranking keywords called the "6 Degrees of Keyword Composability" knowing how this algorithm works is essential for writing high ranking content, and other programs like Googles RankBrain which can cause a still widely unknown problem for SEO's called the "Ranking Feedback Loop" which renders some commonly used design assets counterproductive.How does the Google Maps Server decide which listings are eligible for front page display? Can an image itself be SEO'd for GoogleBot-image? How is it possible to have the equivalent of Multiple Meta Title and Description Tags on a single web page? The book supplies the reader with an arsenal of advanced SEO techniques and code snippets that are not found in the public domain. Finally, at the end of the journey the reader is given the Base Ranking Algorithm Formula in an easy to read flow chart format which is used by all search engines.This book is a must have for industry professionals. As a prerequisite, the book assumes that the reader already has a basic knowledge of SEO and internet technologies.

Author: Stirling Halifax

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Categories: SEO