SEO for those who have no clue

Whether you’re a local business trying to get more customers in your door or a large corporation who does business exclusively online, there is no denying the limitless power of proper search engine optimization. For businesses and companies of all shapes and sizes, SEO has become a dominant tool for finding new customers and more traffic on a consistent, long-term basis. Learning how to optimize your website for search engines in order to gain the long-term benefits of natural, organic, and consistent traffic is much easier than you might think, as you will soon find out in this book. Once you learn to simple practices of SEO you will be able to quickly integrate them into every piece of new content you put on your website. Furthermore, when you create a winning website which appears frequently in search engines, you will soon find yourself teaching others just how easy it is to optimize their SEO. Consider this book your ultimate guide to everything SEO. In this book, we will teach you what SEO is, give you a little bit of history about the background of SEO and where the term came from, we will look into different techniques for increasing the search ranking of your website that you can do quickly on your own in addition to discussing some advanced SEO strategies that gets serious results.

Author: Dr Shabbir Ahmad

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