Seo for Sme’s – Search Engine Optimisation for beginners

Seo for Sme's will outline the entire process behind Search Engine Optimisation for small to medium enterprises with a breakdown of its elements in simplified terms, as there are no hidden secrets or black magic to it - no matter what some companies may have you believe. All you need is some basic knowledge in the area and very quickly the mist will start to clear as this book helps you to become an expert too. By the time you have finished reading this, you will not only understand the 'digital mind' of the search engines, but also be able to do some Seo work yourself. More importantly it will ensure that you are not being exploited by one of the thousands of Seo companies out there who are often out to make a quick buck from businesses who do not necessarily understand what they are paying for.

Author: David Whitehouse

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Categories: SEO