SEO for Musicians: Learn How to Promote Your Music in Search Engines and Get More Streams, Downloads, Fans, and Sales (Internet Marketing for Musicians)

SEO for MusiciansLearn How to Promote Your Music in Search Engines and Get More Streams, Downloads, Fans, and Sales. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In this description, you will be informed about: Why you should buy this book. What you will learn in this book. What are the benefits that you will get after reading this book. Who this book is dedicated to Reasons to buy this book You must invest in this book for the following reasons: There are millions of people looking for your music through search engines, and you are not showing your work to them. Don't be one of these musicians whose 20% of their music published in online radios and stores is never played. The size of the digital-music market is US$ 5.4 billion and you are not taking the share you deserve. Things that you will learn in this book In this book, you will learn the following skills: Link collection: How to gather your music links from the different online radios and stores. Link indexing: How to add your music to search engines’ databases, such as Google, Bing and Yahoo, to make your music findable by fans. Link ranking: How to scale your music in search engines' results to get more streams, downloads, fans, and sales. Benefits that you will get after reading this book After reading this book, you may get the following benefits: More streams from online radios. More downloads from online stores. More recognition or branding for your artist name or group. A fair share from the US$ 5.4 billion digital-music market. Book dedication This book is dedicated to the following users: Independent musicians with no or low marketing budget. Amateur musicians who want to sell their music in online radios and stores. Those who work in music promotion and music marketing.

Author: Marcelo Honores

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