SEO and the Existence of God

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is an existential concept. SEO (or, more specifically, your ability to be found) defines your very commercial existence, whether you realise and accept it or not.The opening article of this book shares the book’s title and, by asking you to consider your own belief about the existence of God, addresses the existence of your website and offers a new way of thinking about your website’s SEO visibility.Your website's existence is far from meaningless - accepting the fact that your website doesn't actually exist is a healthy way of coming to terms with SEO and your website's relationship with Google.Written over a period of four years, SEO and the Existence of God is a collection of 56 threaded blog articles, written for you to explore many of the issues that perplex both web designers and their Customers. This book gives you the ultimate answer to ‘Why did the chicken cross the road?’ as well as proving that the ultimate answer to SEO has been found on the back of a builders’ truck.

Author: Steve Whiting

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Categories: SEO