Self Publishing, SEO and Social Media Marketing Guides: Learn from a Best Seller How to Write, Publish and Market Best Selling Books on Facebook, … Engines Ranking (Best Sellers) (Volume 2)

Do You Want to Learn How to Attract New Readers Online, Optimize Your Products for Search Engines ?Self Publishing, SEO and Social Media Marketing Guides: Learn from an Expert on How to Write, Publish and Market Best Selling Books on Facebook, Optimize Your Product's Search Engines Ranking by Kelly Joseph .N, a top Digital Marketing Analyst, blogger and Best Selling Author is the latest DIY guide to attracting new readers and marketing your products through social media like facebook and twitter.The book teaches you how to setup, sell your products and breakthrough in online product marketing and also convert your Amazon and CreateSpace product page visitors to customers with some Search Engine Optimization hacks and tools for Google and Amazon, strategies to beat your competitors and make your products the only alternative for your customers without violating any policy. This book reveals the hidden strategies that world best sellers implement with screenshots!Self Publishing, SEO and Social Media Marketing Guides: covers the following topics in details with step by step screenshots like:AMAZON AND CREATESPACE PRODUCT SETUP GUIDES:8 Steps To Writing Best Selling BooksResearching profitable Book IdeasHow to market your book during Launch WeekCategory and Keyword Research and how Bestseller ranking on Amazon worksReview of Amazon and CreateSpace Vs. Other Book Sales PlatformsHow to Format Your Amazon and Createspace Books Manuscript Using Microsoft WordHow to Generate a Table of Contents (TOC) Automatically in MS WordHow to Convert Your Book Interior to Amazon and CreateSpace eBook and Paperback Interior FilesStep By Step Guide to Sign Up, Self-Publish and Sell Your Books and Product on AmazonHow to Set Up, Self-Publish and Sell Your Books on CreateSpaceGOOGLE AND AMAZON SEO HACKS:Amazon and CreateSpace Inbound Marketing Hacks - strategy, reputation, and tracking progressVisibility - getting found, and why content mattersConverting customers - turning prospects into leads and leads into customersHow to Optimize Your Books and Products Ranking and Listing for Search EnginesKey Differences between Amazon's and Google's Ranking AlgorithmGoogle Structure Data Analysis for your WebsiteOn-Page and Off-Page Activities and Results on your ProductsYour Book and Product Page Aspects to Optimize for Sales Boost - Amazon Product Page BreakdownHow to Format Kindle, Paperback Book and Product Descriptions with Html TagsHow to Pick the Right Category for Your Book and ProductHow to Find the Optimum Price for your ProductHow to Optimize your Product Back End Search KeywordsHow to Optimize Your Amazon Product Canonical URL and Super URL SlugsHow to Find the Canonical URL for Your Amazon ProductGeneral SEO Tips for Your ProductsSome Amazon Listing Optimization SoftwareSome Amazon Feedback ToolsSuccess Guidelines for Amazon and CreateSpace Product PublishingTen eBook Marketing and Promotion Guides for Every Self PublisherHow to Advertise Your KDP Books Using Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) AccountHow to Check Up your Book's Performance and ReportSOCIAL MEDIA PRODUCT MARKETING TIPS:How To Create And Setup A Professional Facebook Page For Your ProductsHow to turn your facebook page into a shopping mall in 10 mins. Are you ready to write and publish your first Bestseller? Then, scroll back up now and hit the BUY Button!

Author: Kelly Joseph

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