Search Engine Optimization for Flash: Best practices for using Flash on the web

Some people believe that because search engines can't index all of the content in SWF files, Flash-based websites and Rich Internet Applications don't show up in web searches. This breakthrough book dispels that myth by demonstrating precisely what you can do to make your site fully searchable no matter how much Flash it contains. You'll learn best practices for using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build sites with Flash that will stand tall in search rankings.Search Engine Optimization for Flash shows you how search engines work, what constitutes a search-engine-optimized (SEO) site, and what to watch out for in the way of SEO pitfalls. With this concise book, you will:Know what content is searchable, and why metadata, keywords, and links are so importantLearn how to place HTML content in your Flash applicationsCreate an SEO website by connecting Flash to JavaScript and CSSWork effectively with SWFObject by understanding its capabilities and limitationsDiscover the advantages of using the Adobe Flex framework for SEOThe first and most authoritative book on how to optimize Flash content for search engines, Search Engine Optimization for Flash is an invaluable resource if you develop with Flash and want to be sure your audience can easily find your site.

Author: Todd Perkins

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