SAP Cloud Platform: Tools and Services (SAP PRESS)

The SAP Cloud Platform tool set is getting richer. With this roadmap, explore all the services provided by SAP Cloud Platform: development, analytics, integration, security, and collaboration. Build and extend cloud applications, develop UXs, integrate cloud and on-premise systems, secure apps, and more. See everything SAP Cloud Platform has to offer! * Get a complete picture of SAP Cloud Platform's application services and capabilities * Develop apps with mobile, UX, data, analytics, integration, and security services * See how machine learning, blockchain, and IoT services can enhance your apps Getting Started Begin with installation and a look at the SAP Cloud Platform architecture. Navigate through the range of services and tools available through SAP Cloud Platform and learn how each of them work. Development and Analytics UX apps, IoT apps, predictive capabilities, and real-time data streams, get everything you need to survey development and analytics services. Integration, Security, and Collaboration Learn SAP Cloud Platform's place in your ecosystem: connect cloud and on-premise solutions in a hybrid system, manage APIs, and create workflows. Secure your system and explore SAP Cloud Platform's collaboration services. * SAP Analytics Cloud * SAP Predictive service * SAP Streaming Analytics * SAP Smart Business Service * Machine learning * DevOps * Blockchain * Internet of Things * Integration * Security * Collaboration

Author: Ravi Sankar Kumar Dasari;Kunal Kotak;Srinivas Mudapalli;Harikrishnadhar Sonnenahalli;Rajesh Barman

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