Process Builder and Visual Workflow: A Practical Guide to Model-Driven Development on the Platform

Learn how to build logic into your apps by configuring Process Builder and Visual Workflow software tools to meet the needs of your organization without the use of code. You will be able to build workflow diagrams on the platform and perform complex logic. Individuals who have created workflow diagrams in other applications (e.g., Microsoft Visio) will feel very comfortable using these two tools from Salesforce.If you find yourself in a situation where a standard Salesforce configuration does not meet your needs, you can always rely on a developer to extend the functionality through Visualforce and Apex code. What if you could take back that control and not rely on a developer or consultant? With two new technologies―Process Builder and Visual Workflow―introduced onto the platform, you can accomplish much of what was normally handled with Apex code.Process Builder and Visual workflow both allow for advanced logic that standard configuration such as Workflow cannot do. Process Builder and Visual Workflow details how these technologies can be used to:Create a call center application that guides operators through a call with screens that change based on the caller’s responses.Automatically submit approvals to speed up and streamline your business.Update related records for any object being modified, including standard and custom objects.

Author: Jonathan Keel

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