Rethinking Disaster Recovery: The Impact of Cloud Computing (Bryghtpath LLC White Papers Book 2)

Developing new strategies for reducing IT service disruptions without increasing costs is an ongoing challenge plaguing many organizations across multiple industries. Traditional solutions to enhance business continuity—such as storage, server, and perhaps data center redundancy—were often the only available options that could satisfy the rigorous resilience objectives of most major corporations. However, these systems tend to be expensive, and surprisingly, they still leave the organization highly vulnerable to system failures.The rise of the "cloud" as a disaster recovery solution poses new opportunities for businesses as they confront the challenges of building resilient information technology systems in a world filled with uncertain risks.In "Rethinking Disaster Recovery", the author examines the resiliency challenges facing organizations today and discusses the factors that organizations must address. A step-by-step approach for planning, designing, implementing and evaluating the transition to cloud-based resiliency is also presented

Author: Bryan Strawser

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