RESILIA Foundation: Cyber Resilience Best Practice Complete Certification kit

When we educate people we use less text more images, colorful easy to understand diagrams (via online learning). When buying this book you get unlimited access to our Elearning course! Our RESILIA™ Foundation Complete Certification Kit is the most complete guide for anyone involved in Cyber Resilience who is aiming to take the RESILIA™ Foundation exam. Chosen as 1 of 4 suppliers globally by AXELOS to write the RESILIA course (the 6th book of ITIL) we are offering you access to worlds best knowledge, in a simple to understand (less wordy format). All content is up to date to the current syllabus. We offer you this very easy to read book which works hand in glove with our online course perfectly. With examples, instructions, and cautionary advice, our RESILIA™ Foundation Complete Certification Kit lays out simple easy to understand concepts, so you can easily pass your exam. As the industry standard in terms of People, Process and technology Cyber Resilience, the RESILIA™ Foundation exam is the most popular entry-level certification, particularly for individuals switching from another career into Cyber security. This kit prepares you for the certification exam by offering valuable information on the RESILIA™ framework, RESILIA™ certification and Cyber Resilience Best Practice as a practice. This certification kit contains both the study guide and access to our outstanding online Elearning program that provides you with everything need to prepare for the RESILIA™ Foundation certification exam, including: - Even more downloads, additional exercises, mock exams, and complimentary files are available via the ELearning portal once you log in. - Scenarios and exercises help you to understand the concepts and describe what you've learned in the context of service solutions. These include thought provoking questions to challenge your thinking and understanding. - Section reviews for each chapter to help you zero in on what you need to know and includes practice exam questions. - Access to the owner of the company and course/book author, a certified Expert and author of books and whitepapers who has trained thousands of students around the globe. What other company do you get direct access to the person who owns the company and writes the course ware? - Interactive exercises/quizzes using our innovative quiz software Champions as well as feedback via the online forum. With this purchase you aren't just buying a book, you are buying a book that opens the door to global opportunities in Cyber Resilience.

Author: Mr Scott Tunn

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